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Strategically located in Colleyville, Texas, the Tetra Team is geographically positioned to successfully serve the Dallas and Fort Worth SMART HOME & BUILDING markets.

The Tetra Team is committed to delivering superior value, high quality and first-class service to its’ customers. Tetra is laser-focused on bringing SMART HOME & BUILDING technologies and services to each project including audio/video, automation, lighting and theater. Whether homeowner, general contractor, builder, or business owner, the Tetra Team is focused on creating memorable customer experiences from customer journey, to brand interaction, to each functional touchpoint the customer experiences.  Tetra’s talented team of salespeople, technicians, designers, and project managers work collaboratively allowing for timely and successful project completion. Finally, every Tetra employee understands that a cohesive, hard-working and customer focused team provides the foundation for consistently exceeding customer expectations. It is a mission we relentlessly pursue. 

Robert Owens

President & Chief Designer, Robert Owens

Robert Owens began his illustrious journey in lighting design and automation design at the turn of the 21stcentury. In 2005, Robert’s passion for lighting led him to design and manufacture LED light bulbs and fixtures where he would go on to invent the LED T8 and U-Shape LED T8. In addition to his sole inventions, Robert was a co-inventor of over 500 various LED products – many of which are now sold in big-box retailers. With over a decade of experience designing LED lighting for luxury homes, commercial projects, executive offices, government buildings, stadiums, and airports, Robert’s work has become synonymous with high-value, quality and service.

Although Robert’s passion began with lighting, his creative mind, talent for innovation, and technical know-how led him into the fast-growing SMART HOME & BUILDING space where he holds multiple automation certifications including the Control 4 operating system. Robert’s strategic vision, customer-centric values and performance execution earned him national recognition as an automation expert while garnering the attention of the A/V industry where he was selected as a TOP 100 CEO.

 Tetra’s team consists of multiple professions across the globe. Tetra remains diversified in order to ensure that our products have as close to universal reach as possible. This experience gives us a depth and a level of understanding that assists us in developing projects and products that don’t just look good, but they are easy to install as well.

Tetra is geared to build a lighting system just for you. We promise to build your LED systems in such a fashion that you never need to worry about the quality. Should you decide to install our systems yourself, we guarantee what we make will fit and work with your measurements. Otherwise, we will send you new custom made pieces for free.

Lighting is our passion and custom lighting is our love. We serve the Dallas Fort Worth area personally and assist everyone in their DIY projects for specialty LED lighting.



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