What is Home Automation?

Most home owners and integrators confuse home automation with universal control. A control system can give you the ability to combine control all of your devices to a singular interface.

While device control does simplify day to day operations and control of intelligent devices, device control is NOT home automation. Home Automation is the process of taking all controlled devices and giving them a set of programming rules that cause them to react to you – and even predict some of your actions. 


Climate Control
Home Theater
Lighting Control
Window Treatments
Security Systems: Cameras and Access Control
Home Networking: Intercom, Phone, LAN, and WI-FI

Home Automation is for wealthy and elite, right?

Not anymore. Over the last eight years, the price for smart home and home automation systems have plummeted. While Tetra still has systems that range into the hundreds of thousands, we have also developed systems that fit into most budgets.

Home Automation is predictive and knows what you like and love. Home automation should know when you arrive home, if you need light, what thermostat temperature you like, your favorite music or TV shows – and automatically set it to those sources. Home Automation should know you are in the home theater and lock the doors and begin monitoring for intrusion events with an alert in the media room should any events occur.

Tetra’s Singular Simplicity™ packages give you just that. A home that thinks, reacts and responds to you automatically. A home automation system should just work without thought. It should complement your day, your night, and your life.

Components of a Home Automation System.

Control System Hardware
Lighting Control Hardware
HVAC Interface Hardware
Audio/Video Devices
Low-Voltage Infrastructure
Wired and Wireless Networks
Access Control
Garage Door Sensors and Controls
Sprinkler System Interface
Pool System Interface
and many more.

Home Automation Example

You arrive to your house at 7:45 pm, the cameras on your garage recognize your arrival and the system communicates that you have opened the garage door. The lights in the garage and walkway through your pergola illuminate while the cameras monitor the area around you to ensure that there is no other movement. If movement is detected, an audible warning will be issued.

Upon opening the door, the lights in the mud room illuminate, the A/C turns down to 73 degrees, your alarm system pops up on your touchscreen ready for you to enter your code. The system knows it Saturday night and you usually listen to soft jazz throughout the home, so it cues the music ready for you to speak “computer, turn on my music”.

The lights throughout your home automatically ramp to preset levels, and the shades lower in the front offering privacy, while the shades in the back raise, illuminating the back yard lights and offering a view of your perfectly landscaped courtyard.

Automation is the ability for the system to perform mundane tasks for you reliably and without thought or effort on your part. 

Tetra’s 17 years of automation experience allows us to not only offer control but to offer real home automation.


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