The Best Interior Lighting for Every Enviroment.

Tetra is so attentive to the details that every meeting has our undivided attention. Our lighting experts will come to you, examine the space, and ask questions. Once we have all of the necessary information, we design a lighting solution that is tailored to your taste and your space. We handle the hard work while you enjoy the new atmosphere that you envisioned.


Standard USA made LED lighting installed in a linear track with all the fittings and connectors. This system can be custom installed or it can be installed by even the least experienced DIYer. This system works well in kitchens and cabinets and is dimmable with a standard wall dimmer.

The Cove.

A unique system of LED lighting and extrusions, USA made LEDs, and assembled in the USA and built to the dimension of the desired area. This system is ideal for coves as accent lighting and is dimmable with a standard wall dimmer.

The Accent.

Sometimes you may desire to put in made in the USA LED linear product that doubles as task and accent lighting. This means you can do away with your ugly ceiling cans and fan light kits. This is the first linear LED lighting that can be installed as your regular every day lighting. Thanks to the unique dimming drivers you can also dim the entire system using a regular wall dimmer. 

The ‘Made for Me.’

With this system, Tetra will use the made in the USA product. We will design the entire lighting system custom to your home. We will lay out the lighting plans, provide the desired model numbers, and even write the specifications for you. For retro-fit or reconstruction, Tetra will ease your stress of this often confusing portion. We know what lights work where, and we know what look they will accomplish. Plus, we will work strategically with your architect or building engineer. We can also provide 3d renderings of our proposed project so you can see the results before we even begin.

Tetra offers the most unique and elegant lighting installations to match you and your living space. Our designers are determined to find your style and bring it to life through light. We understand that everyone has a unique style and we are able to blend our systems effortlessly into a work of art that reflects you. 

If you live in the Dallas Fort-Worth area we will have the privilege of getting to know you personally. All of our products are assembled in the DFW area!

Tetra provides solutions that revolve around custom made linear lighting, ceiling lighting, or hand-made lighting fixtures that will make your space worth living in.

Our projects start with a client meeting where you do the talking, we find out what you want then we pull on our 15+ years of lighting design experience to make a lighting system that reflects who you are. Bottom line is we understand that you live your home and not us.  We strive to make every system something that you will brag about and something that fits your budget. Our systems start at $500 and ends where you say it does.  Turn key quotes allow you to have confidence in our designs and our skill set as installers.


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